Strawberry Pancake by (Alpha)

classy and formal Minnie Dei oooo ooo oo ; o ; I really want to do more portraits like this oh my gosh pastel hair + intricate updo’s ahh yes

heck YEAH minnie dei
super cute dress hihi uwu
really cute purse omg haha ; 7 ; 
ahh super cute sweater ; A ; 


Passerineart’s magical girls are adorable I couldn’t help but draw Nettine I want to draw all of them but I’d probably die trying they’re too cuteeee

oh. my  GOOOD OH MY GOSH ; A ; <3 thank you so, so much friend, you had no idea how excited I got when I peeped in my tag, holy cow ; - ; <3 ahh she looks great, the colours are lovely and her eyes are so beautiful wahh ; //// ; I’m so, so glad you like my magical girls, thank you so much! ; A ; <3 /swoons aahhh

literally faints out of excitement ahh ; A ; <3

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