"naps"… a haiku

a quick hour long nap
maybe several hours of naps
naps naps naps naps naps


This nail color makes me feel like a pretty princess! It looks so good with my skin tone. ^^  I’m glad my sister let me borrow it. Uwaaa.

DOKI DOKI LUCIA PARADISEThe opera singer Lucia Lamb and the ballerina Bernadette ; - ; they were in no way a good pairing considering how it was one-sided from Bernadette and Lucia used it to her advantage but goodness did they look good togetherespecially with some added sparkle

it’s been a great yuri July
aAHH such a cute bralet ; __ ; 
ahh not gonna lie I really like this oh my gosh haha ; _ ; 
ahh such a gorgeous lace dress!