ahh goodness such a cute little dress ; __ ; <3
ohh what a beautiful dress! ; __ ; <3
ahh what a cute blouse! ; A ; 

third and final girl of the masochist series, Belurielle! Bel is an absolute sweetheart and when it comes to masochism she’s less about pain and more about humiliation (and she also secretly adores petplay….. ; //// ;), she enjoys being tied up and choked and stepped on and yes…… she loves it. she just eats that up

I’m so obsessed with light blue gingham liek. ੯ू•́ूཻ ໒꒱Ꮅ”
Can you please tag humans? Im a furry and don't like seeing gross people on my dash. Thank you! :3



what the fuck is this


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